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Home Of The Fuqara


Abu Bakr As-Siddiq (RA)

This most honored of the sahabah was a well-known and well-liked merchant of Makkah. For years, he had been seeking a better religion and way of life than he found among his relatives and tribe. He was not satisfied with the Judaism, Zoroastrianism and Christianity that he sometimes encountered among the other traders. He refused to believe in idol worship. He, and a few others, kept looking for the original Way of Makkah, the Way of Ibrahim (AS). When he heard that his good friend Muhammad ibn 'Abdullah (SWA) had been selected by Allah as His prophet, Abu Bakr (SRA) believed him immediately and without question. He held fast that belief always, in everything that Rasullullah (SWA) said and did. He brought many people to Islam through his absolute conviction, and he gave his life, his fortune, and his family to the service of Islam and Rasulullah (SWA). Throughout his life, Abu Bakr (RA) was Rasulullahs (SWA) best friend. Whenever Rasulullah (SWA) needed anything, he tried to supply it. As Islam grew, others were eager to serve and to help, but Abu Bakr (SWA) remained Rasulullah's (SWA) closest companion. He was the one chosen to make the difficult escape from Makkah to Madinah with Rasulullah (SWA). He was the one who undertook the leadership of the Muslims after Rasulullah's (SWA)death. He was known as "as-Siddiq," which means the great witness of the truth. He was a truth-teller and a truth-seeker. In the early days of Islam, many people refused to believe Rasulullah (SWA). They called him a madman, a poet, a liar. Even his new sahabah, who had accepted the faith, did not always believe everything. One night, Rasulullah (SWA) experienced Mi'raj, the Night Journey he traveled from Makkah to Jerusalem and then to Paradise, during which he saw and experienced many marvelous things, before returning to Makkah. In the morning he told people about this. Many of them could not believe it. How could a man travel so far in one night? Impossible! They thought it must be a dream or a tale. (They thought this even though he accurately described a caravan he had seen making its way toward Makkah. He described the order of the camels and their type. Later, a caravan, with the exact description, arrived in Makkah.) Some people went to Abu Bakr (SWA) and told him what Rasulullah (SWA) was saying about his journey and asked him what he thought. He simply said, "If he said it, it's true. Why are you so surprised? He tells me that news comes to him from Heaven to earth in one hour of the day or night, and I know he is speaking the truth."

Once, while Rasulullah (SWA) was praying in Makkah, one of the kuffdr named 'Uqbah came and put his sheet around Rasulullahs (SWA) neck and squeezed it tight. Abu Bakr (RA) came quickly and pulled 'Uqbah away and said, "Do you intend to kill a man just because he says, 'My Lord is Allah' and has brought forth the Clear Signs from your Lord?"

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