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Sheikha Maryam Kabeer Faye

Sheikha Maryam Kabeer Faye is one of the bearer`s of the Green Mantle in the Mustafawiyya Tariqa along with the permission to teach (i.e. to serve). She is the author of the book "Journey Through Ten Thousand Veils " which is the documentation of the deep, intensive journey that ultimately led her to be one of the recipients of the Mustafawiyyu Green Mantle. She is a speaker and writer on Islam internationally and a teacher of Islamic Studies in the American prison system. Her home in Philadelphia is a refuge for spiritual travelers as well as a zawiyya of the Fuqara ( Tariqa Mustafawiyya ). She herself travels extensively throughout the world on the mission of building bridges of peace, knowledge and understanding around the world.

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Narrated Abu Bakr:

The Prophet(saw) said,

“The terror caused by Al-Masih Ad-Dajjal will not enter Madinah and at that time Madinah will have seven gates and there will be two angels at each gate guarding them.”

Writings of Cheikh Mustafa

{The Ode Of The Unveiler-bayt 39}

الله يشاعب رفقا يشاعب

Allah imparts perception, gently giving notifications-

و انت الشاعب اشعب ضحاي

Since you are the Knowing, let me perceive what sacrifices I need to perform.

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Hadith of the Prophet: Taqwa is in the heart (and he pointed towards the heart). If tawqa is not present in the heart of the speaker then the person will not be affected by the words which fall upon his ears.

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