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Home Of The Fuqara

Sheikha Kamila wears the Green Mantle of the Mustafawiyya Tariqa. She recieved her Ijaza in 2009 from Sheikh Harun Faye al-Faqir, having become his student along with her late husband Sheikh Mansur (RA) in 2007. She is a second generation American muslim. She married Sheikh Mansur and moved to Spain where they have been actively working for Islam and for the muslims during their 30 years together. She is the representative of the Tariqa Mustafawiyya in Spain and Europe. Her home, Zawiyya and Mosque in Almodovar del Rio, Cordoba, is a place where the doors have always been open for those who are in need, those who are traveling, those who want to learn or for those who just want to share a day of Remembrance with them.