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Mustafawiyyu Qasidahs

Mankind is one of all mighty ALLAH's remarkable creations.And we are creatures of expression,most of which are expressive forms of rememberance Allahs (swt).For example a mother expresses her compassion for her infant by making sure he or she has what is nessesary daily. But who provides to that compassionate mom?It is AR-RAHMAN (The compassionate).So compassionate That when the compassionate mom is sleep, It is AR-RAHMAN who is there taking care of both his creation. The noble prophet (saws) said "Indeed ALLAH has ninety-nine names, one hundred less one, and anyone who enumerates them will enter paridise.This enumeration is not just in the memorization sense, but it also means in implimentation of its atribute and or reverance of ALLAH in reflections and zikr.

The goal of the seeker of ALLAH's face and ALLAH's guidence is a long and difficult road. Every corner that we see and can not see is riddled with tricks of the acursed shaytan and his army. ALLAH reminds mankind (in the holy quran)of the promise off shaytan , "I will wait for them on the paths, and i will attack them from thier left and thier right, thier front and thier backs......" So the great friends of god spend all thier lives helping to raise the awareness of the pitfalls along the path.Unfortunately man has been created weak, so some tricks we will sercome to. The prophet (saws) warned us in his fairwell speech that shaytan will not be able to make the believer commit major sins, so gaurd ourselves against many minor sins.

So our beloved Shiekh Muhammad Mustafa Gauye Haydar has(by allah's promission) Provided the world with Qasit's(poems) expessing the greatness of ALLAH(swt),the greatness of Muhammad(saws),injected with numerious duas asking Allah for all that the seeker needs to way against the minor deeds that we sometimes acru. Shiekul Shu'ukh (the sheikh of the sheikh's ) also has documented what each individual qasit can help with. Sheikih Mustafa Has Written over 300 Qasits, most of which are unpublished . Sheikh Harun Faye Al-Faqir understands the importance of the publications of Sheikhul Shu'ukh's works and is and has published some and can be purchased by filling out the order form ,which can be found on our main web site and following the instructions on the order form page.






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Narrated Abu Bakr:

The Prophet(saw) said,

“The terror caused by Al-Masih Ad-Dajjal will not enter Madinah and at that time Madinah will have seven gates and there will be two angels at each gate guarding them.”

Writings of Cheikh Mustafa

{The Ode Of The Unveiler-bayt 39}

الله يشاعب رفقا يشاعب

Allah imparts perception, gently giving notifications-

و انت الشاعب اشعب ضحاي

Since you are the Knowing, let me perceive what sacrifices I need to perform.

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Hadith of the Prophet: Taqwa is in the heart (and he pointed towards the heart). If tawqa is not present in the heart of the speaker then the person will not be affected by the words which fall upon his ears.

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