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Home Of The Fuqara

"Oh You Who Believe!"

A compilation by Mikial Abdullah of verses from the Holy Quran where Allah addresses the Believers directly. All Verses are in Arabic. Included is its transliteration and English translation. All verses are explained in detail from the "Tafsir of Ibn Kathir."

Wisdom as It Relates to the Holy Quran by Omar Njie

The main purpose of this book is to serve as a source of spiritual information, enlightenment, wisdom, and guidance to those believing Muslims, as well as non-Muslims, to come to terms in reaffirming the fact that there is a creator (God). It is he who is responsible for the creation of the heavens, the earth, mankind, the angels, jinns, and all what is known and unknown in this universe. His creations include both the hidden and the unseen world of which very little is known to man. This is due to the fact that all sources of knowledge, power, and wisdom belongs to Allah. And he giveth or withdraweth any of these gifts to whom he wills.

The Basis Values of Islam by Sheima Salam Sumer

should be in every Muslim household and should also be read by every non-Muslim who would like to learn about Islam from its primary sources. This inspiring reference book lists 70 values (such as honesty, human rights, kindness, etc.) and then proves that Islam believes in these values by quoting the Holy Quran and the holy sayings of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

Intellect, Reason and Belief by Yusuf Abdul-Alim

This book is a thought provoking challenge for the Believer of their accepted faith. The mass majority of the world believes in a Higher Being but that Being is viewed and worshiped in various different ways. The author delves into an intelligent discussion regarding belief systems; Why do we believe in the faith that we follow? What influence made us followers of Christianity, Judaism or Islam ,or even adopting the choice of atheism or agnosticism? Focusing on the three Major Abrahamic Religions, he pushes the reader to reason, critically think and question their belief system.

Journey Through Ten Thousand Veils by Maryam Kabeer Faye

This book is a significant and revealing social commentary, also dispelling many other myths and stereotypes such as the proposition, often fostered by the media, that women are inevitably oppressed in Islam. On the contrary, it is by entering into the heart of Islam that the author was liberated, elevated, empowered, and guided to realize the true purpose of her existence.

A Cookbook of Traditional Gambian and Modern Recipes by Mamie Njie

Mamies Takeaway at Kanifing also catered to international tourists visiting the Gambia during the tourism season. On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays a minimum of two busloads of tourists were brought in by hotels to enjoy the savory taste of authentic Gambian cuisine and exotic salads.