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     Cheikh Mustafa Gueye Haydar(RA) is called Imamul Awliya.  He received abundant grace from his Lord.  His writings are a testimony to the blessings that were bestowed upon him, overflowing with divine light.  He was unique in his time.  He entered in dairatul'awliya at the age of twenty three.  Cheikh Mustafa was silent and hidden, immersed in the proximity of his Lord.  Indeed, one can be transformed by a touch, a look, or a word from such a profound servant of Allah (subhanahu wa ta'ala) 

May Allah grant him Jannatul Jalal with all those who love him .  .  .  Ameen





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Sheikh Harun Faye Al Faqir is the eldest grandson of Sheikh Samba Gueye Haydar(ra),  who was one of the greatest among the ulama of the twentieth century.  He is also the nephew of Sheikh Mustafa Gueye Haydar(ra) of Theis, Senegal.  Sheikh Mustafa is also the founder of the Mustafawiy Tariqa.  Sheikh Harun is an inheritor of ilm, handed down generation after generation through his family, and directly from his lord.  His mission is to spread Islam, showing to those willing the many paths of the hidden stations that can be attained by Allah`s servants in this world.

    Sheikh Harun  Teaches the sciences of Tasawwuf in all of its dimension.  The seeker (the murid) ,engaged in his journey to Allah(swt) with the Sheikh,will gain understanding of  Haqqul Yaqin and the importance of  immensely loving Allah(swt), as  our noble Messenger Muhammad(saws)  displayed to his beloved companions.

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